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Lync Protocol Poster

The protocol poster illustrates in detail all of the ports and protocols used by Lync Server filtered based on the 4 main modalities it supports: 
- IM and presence
- application sharing
- A/V and Web conferencing
- Enterprise Voice

Additionally, it lists the DNS and certificate requirements. Built by the Lync expert community (MVPs, MCM, MCS, PFE, NextHop, etc) for the Lync community, it's a visualization of the complexity of Lync Server's network traffic. Please let us know how we can improve on it!

Security Filters Enterprise Edition

The Security Filter enterprise edition is comprised of 3 products:
- Security Filter Manager
- Security Edge Filter
- Security Web Filter

The Security Filter Manager is a Web-based management interface that centralizes the lockout information, logging, and settings for all the instances of Security Web Filters and Security Edge Filters running in a datacenter. The interface provides detailed information on number of accounts that were locked out, approximate geographic location (based on IP address) of clients attempting to sign-in to your Lync Server environment, type of client use, and more details. The enterprise edition provides the ability to also block Lync Mobile clients that are not authorized to sign-in even if correct credentials are provided.

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Security Web Filter for Forefront TMG 2010 (Standard Edition)

The Security Web Filter protects the Lync Web traffic going through the reverse proxy (Forefront TMG) against denial-of-service attacks on user accounts. This product should be deployed with the Security Edge Filter. More...

Security Edge Filter for Lync Edge Server (Standard Edition)

The Standard Edition is for customers with a single Lync Edge Server. The Enterprise Edition is for customers with two or more Lync Edge Servers, and requires SQL Server or SQL Express. This product should be deployed with the Security Web Filter. More...

Lync RGS Commander (Free)

The RGS Commander allows a permitted user to modify the forward numbers of RGS queues. More...
Lync Security Filter Account Unlocker - Enterprise Edition only (Free)

Allows administrators to manually unlock user accounts that have been blocked by the Security Filter at the Edge. More...







Lync RBAC Administrator  (Free)

RBAC made easy. More...
Lync Security Filters DoS Attack Validator (Free)

Simulates DoS attacks over the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and over HTTPS. Limited to 5 user accounts to prevent abuse. More...

Lync Firewall Rules Viewer (Free)

Illustrates the ports and protocols used between Lync endpoints (server-server and server-client). More...
Certificate Expiration Alerter

Notifies administrators when Lync Server certificates are about to expire and need to be renewed. More...

Last modified on October 01, 2014

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